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Antilaser's AL Priority - Best of 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017!

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AntiLaser has the longest history in designing the best and finest laser jammer products using powerful laser diodes. Following the road map -

  • AntiLaser G8 - Generation 8, 2006
  • AntiLaser G9 - Generation 9, 2009
  • AntiLaser G9 RX - Generation 10, 2010
  • AntiLaser G9 RX2 - Generation 11, 2011
We bring you AntiLaser AL Priority (Latest Generation 12), introducing the smallest and the most powerful sensor on the market to date. AL Priority includes an internet upgradeable and user programmable control unit, with exciting add-on modules and features in the coming months. By assuring top quality and inventive solutions, AntiLaser proudly carries a list of registered and pending patents in the USA and worldwide, proving to be a leader in the industry. AL Priority is world's most advanced laser jammer and multi-purpose laser device.

"What is my priority when on the open road?
To feel safe while enjoying a drive.
To experience a passionate sense of freedom!"
AL Priority helps you avoid laser speeding tickets!

AL Priority brings you Laser Jammer Industry's First

  • Dual processor design - running at over 100 MHz
  • User-friendly upgrade and programming - USB upgrade and web-based configuration
  • USB Flash Drive - Internet upgrade and Theft Protection Key
  • 5 sensor connections - connect up to 5 AL Priority sensors (3x front 2x rear)
  • Innovative sensor cable exit - rear and side cable exit allows easy mounting
  • Laser Cruise Control filtering sensor - optional for factory LCC equipped cars (Infiniti, etc.)
  • Compatibility with 3rd party add-on - STi-R Plus radar receiver, GPS antenna, etc.
  • Advance self-test and diagnostics - Detects disconnection or malfunction
  • Wide voltage input range - 10V - 17V power supply
  • DALA and DragonEye - First to defeat DALA VPR LIDAR!
AL Priority's advantages over older AL models and competition

  • World's first laser diode laser jammer and multi-purpose parking sensor
  • Smallest ALP laser sensor - 30 x 14 x 57mm
  • 2017's all-new TX Sensor ultra-small and powerful - 27 x 30 x 9.5mm
  • Widest laser protection angle - ±15°H and ±15°V
  • Extreme resistance to engine noise (EMI) and laser interference
  • Improved detection and jamming performance by 20% over previous G9 RX2 model
  • 40% - 100% better detection and jamming performance over competitive laser jammers
  • Beautifully designed control set - easy dash mounting without drilling

AL Priority's Features and Advanced Hardware and Software

Superior Laser Jamming Performance

AL Priority uses original OSRAM Laser Diodes which yield more power and higher reliability than conventional LED laser jammers. Antilaser also incporates a Dual 16/32 bit processor design running at over 100MHz which improves algorithm's calculation efficiency and jamming precision. Most competitive products still use single 8-bit CPU.

4x Better Laser Detection Compared to Competition

Regardless of jamming power output, laser detection is the key to successfully jam a LIDAR gun's speed reading. AL Priority provides widest horizontal and vertical angle of laser detection (±15°H and ±15°V), covering off-axis shots, and high elevation targeting from a bridge, and rear laser measurements. AL Priority's sensor uses bubble design on the new optical receiving lens to further increase detection over the previous G9 RX2 sensors by 20%. ALP's performance boost on laser reception makes it 4x better than the nearest competitive product.

Advanced Speed Laser Specific Algorithm

Specific laser pulse rate tuning provides maximum detection and jamming precision, offering protection against unwanted error code, jam code, false alerts, or punch through (allowing speed measurement prior to slowing down).

100% Legal Parking Assist with USB Flash Drive Protection Key

Whether or not a using a laser jammer is legal in your area, AL Priority remains a perfectly legal parking sensor. In addition, the USB flash drive can be loaded with a specialized key to either initialize AL-P in parking-only mode unless plugged in, or disable power completely when removed from the AL Priority control box. These protection features removes any evidence that ALP is capable of laser jamming.

Highest Reliability

AntiLaser ensures that the AL Priority will maintain perfect functionality and ultimate performance in all conditions, resisting sun and foreign laser interference, extreme temperatures, and electromagnetic noinse (EMI). This is achieved by AL Priority's fine hardware and advanced software.

Advanced Power Filtering and Stabilization

AL Priority's complex power filtering allows the system to operate from a 10V to 17V power supply at full performance. Most competitive laser jammers will only operate at full performance with 14.5V or higher. AL Priority gives Low Voltage warning when battery voltage drops below 10V.

Full Coverage and Protection on All New Laser Threats
LIDAR in USA and Canada:
  • LTI - Ultralyte, Ultralyte 100, 100LR, LR, 200, 200LR, Compact, LRB, Marksman 20.20
  • LTI - Truspeed, TruSpeed 2 (AntiJam), TruCam, Truspeed S
  • Kustom - ProLaser I, ProLaser II, ProLaser III, ProLaser 4, Pro-Lite+, PLVideo, Laser Witness
  • Stalker - LZ-1, LR, XLR
  • Laser Atlanta - SpeedLaser S/R/B, Torch, Stealth Mode I, Stealth Mode II
  • Laser Ally and DragonEye (all current variants defeated; firmware updates continue to add improvement and new support)
LIDAR in Europe and others:
  • Riegl FG21
  • Traffic Observer
  • Traffipatrol XR with no E48 code
  • NJL SCS102
  • Vitronic Poliscan
  • Camea Unicam
  • Redspeed SpeedGuard
  • Unipar SL700
  • and many others
Add-On Port, G-Socket, and USB Connection

AL Priority's design has opened up endless possibilities with its Add-On Port, GPS Port, and USB Port. Add-On allows future release of iPhone wireless control, radar detector interface with STi-R Plus, Hi-Fi control set, LCC sensor, and much more. Optional GPS antenna can unlock features such as disabling jamming capability under certain speed. USB allows user programmable settings and firmware update.

New! Wireless Install Option via iPhone/Android Bluetooth Integration is now available

Bluetooth Interface Module for the AL Priority is now available with ALPConnect app for iOS. The Bluetooth emitter will be plugged into the CSET port of the ALP Control Box, which allows wireless install option without having to wire sensor cables through the firewall into the cabin. User receives laser warnings through the ALPConnect app, which also gives voice alerts identifying LIDAR threats, disabling laser interference, and logging all laser encounters. System requirement: iPhone 4S+, Android 4.3, and Bluetooth 4.0.

New! R/G Plugin Module and the STiRPlus Integration Kit are now available

R/G Plugin Module can be purchased separately, installed into the Add-On Port for STiR Plus integration. This allows all radar warning be alerted through AL Priority's Control Set or through iPhone's ALP Connect interface if Bluetooth Module is used. BEL STiR Plus' radar receiver is plugged directly into the R/G Module. The Integration Kit is also now available.