AntiLaser AL Group - The Inventor of the Best Laser Jammers

AL Priority - Best Laser Defense of 2016

AntiLaser AL Group brings an exciting new product - AL Priority - the next generation laser jammer that brings performance, features and forms to the whole new level.

AL Priority introduces world's smallest laser sensors, almost 30% thinner than the AL G9 sensor. Bubble lens design and all-new dual processor increase laser detection, sensitivity, and laser jamming performance by 20%.

Most exciting part is AL Priroity's add-on capabilities. By fall 2013, AL-Priority will release the Bluetooth module for iPhone integration. Interfaced iPhone can control and change settings on the AL-P jammer through the ALP app. Other upcoming add-ons are USB security flash drive, GPS module, and STiR Plus integration.

Learn more about AL Priroity.

Antilaser AL G9 RX2 (2010-2013)

Antilaser G9 is the most advanced multi-purpose laser defense system made for automobiles and motorcycles. Most importantly, it is 100% legal.

AL G9 Guardian is a parking sensor that uses eye-safe Class-1M laser to detect objects in close proximity. It also warns drivers when it interferes with police laser speed guns, and will automatically turns itself off after 4 or 8 seconds.

Is Antilaser G9 a laser jammer? Watch the video review below...

Antilaser G9 Components

Antilaser G9 comes in four packages - Single, Dual, Triple, or Quad sensor heads. Depending on the size of the vehicle and driver's need.

AL G9 includes a control box that connects up to 4 outer sensor heads.

Loom harness includes a buzzer that gives audible warning, LED for visual alerts, mute button for mute and user-adjustable settings, and a power switch users can manually shut off in case of a laser interference.

Military grade steel bracket is included for each sensor head, and optional 7-meter extension cable is available for longer vehicles

Optional Cheetah Wireless Fitting Kit makes installation wireless and hassle free, reducing the effort of running cables through the engine bay.